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I Have Evidence!

Greetings members of the jury, this is ace attorney, Cleric_in_Training, here to present exhibit A of Fallen Snow Studios’ hard work and dedication! Take That!


The evidence doesn’t lie, we are seriously serious about this project. Dropping the Phoenix Wright act, I can’t say how excited I am to see the  project move so fast; we started just one week ago and look where we are!

This sketch was done by one of our newest recruits, Dizzyworld2. You can check out more of her amazing work here:

So you may be a bit curious as to who she is. Well, her name is Akira Mitsuko and I will be both designing her character and writing her route. As you can see from the picture, she will be one of those cheerful and perky heroines. She isn’t too good at math or science but excels in language arts and psychology. She enjoys speaking in puns and often quotes Pablo Neruda. She can also be a bit of an airhead, but none the less, always has a smile on her face. With this, she lives her days carefree and without a worry.

Sorry for the rapid updates, but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. Stay tuned though, because I’m going to be introducing two more characters throughout this week.

P.S. Still looking for a composer. If you are one or know one, please contact us.



Composers, Writers and Lolis, oh my!

What’s up my fellow plebeians, this is the Cleric_in_Training here for another update! I’m happy to say that starting today, we have officially started writing this thing! It took a while to get to this phase seeing how we kept changing the characters, conflicts, and mystery. In fact, I think at one point we were dedicated on making this a magical mecha mystery with a loli as the protagonist.

Well, moving past this, another problem came up. Who was worthy to be the lead writer? To decide this, we ended up having a five day battle royal! In the end, it was KimotoDragoon who emerged victorious. So if the VN sucks (which it won’t), blame him.

Well that’s all for now, I don’t want to disclose too much information yet. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, we now go by Fallen Snow Studios, not VNchan.

P.S. We are recruiting composers. If you know one or are one, contact us please. Oh, and I’d like it if he looked like this, but that’s just me.

To Glory My Fellow Brethren!

Ahoy inhabitants of the internet! This is the Cleric_in_Training here to give a quick update. So yesterday us at VNchan had a meeting deciding how we would make the VN and what it would be about, and seeing how we would end up sacrificing our social life to this project, it was one hell of a meeting. Five hours and forty-two minutes of utter chaos. Not really, I’m probably making it sound much worse than it was. So after fierce debate, we decided that our story is going to start out sort of slice of lifeish and transition into mystery with elements of romance and comedy appearing at appropriate times. A total of four heroines will be featured, each with their own route. We covered much more, though I don’t want to spoil it too much so this is probably where I’m going to leave off.

Well now that we have a visible goal, we can start working our way there. Now, to glory my fellow brethren!


A New Beginning

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We have just finished gathering enough people for the project 😀

For today, it will basically be just brain storming of ideas!

Current list of members:


  • KimotoDragoon: Lead Writer / Main and Side Character Designs
  • Danpc: Plot Supervisor / Main Character Designs
  • Cleric_in_Training: Path Writer / Main and Side Character Designs
  • Diamon: Path Writer / Main and Side Character Designs
  • CodeUltra: Path Writer
  • DragonGuardians: Path Writer
  • Gahaha: Path Writer / Lore and World
  • Aideed: Path Writer
  • Hooves: Path Writer / Side Character Designs
  • Rainsismyfav: Plot Supervisor / Proof Reader
  • Sneakpool: Plot Supervisor / Proof Reader
  • Tribute64: Story Ideas
  • AqworldThunder: Story Ideas
  • Novel21: Story Ideas
  • Wonders: Story Ideas


  • Wonders
  • Aideed
  • Nekai
  • GKats12394
  • Dizzyworld2


  • Diamon: Guitar and Vocals
  • Danpc: Keyboard
  • Aideed: Violin
  • CodeUltra: Drums
  • Cleric_in_Training: Alto Saxophone and Vocals (?)
  • KimotoDragoon: Piano

Game Engine:

  • Danpc
  • Hooves


  • Danpc: Projecthead
  • Aideed: General Coordinator
  • Diamon: Coordinator
  • Cleric_in_Training: Public Relations Manager