To Glory My Fellow Brethren!

Ahoy inhabitants of the internet! This is the Cleric_in_Training here to give a quick update. So yesterday us at VNchan had a meeting deciding how we would make the VN and what it would be about, and seeing how we would end up sacrificing our social life to this project, it was one hell of a meeting. Five hours and forty-two minutes of utter chaos. Not really, I’m probably making it sound much worse than it was. So after fierce debate, we decided that our story is going to start out sort of slice of lifeish and transition into mystery with elements of romance and comedy appearing at appropriate times. A total of four heroines will be featured, each with their own route. We covered much more, though I don’t want to spoil it too much so this is probably where I’m going to leave off.

Well now that we have a visible goal, we can start working our way there. Now, to glory my fellow brethren!



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  1. We’re not glorified Spartans you know.

  2. wow, this is pretty neat to start up an own visual novel, i wish you guys alot of luck and i will be following it.


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