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Update #2

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Hi everyone! Diamon’s here again to give you some news about the progress made in the project!

So far, we have nearly finished the day 2 draft (around 80%), but it still needs lot of editing! We have started to write the day 3 draft as well (we have around 50% of it for the moment).

As for the other news, we got ourselves one new writer (David), two editors (Rose and Reika) and a composer (Shoko). A big welcome for us, it’s always nice to have some fresh blood in the team!

So now, our team is pretty much complete, except for the background artist (we’re still searching for one).

Everything is going smoothly, it’s a good thing! We really hope we will be able to launch a demo before the end of summer!

Also, if you wish to follow us on twitter and facebook, here are the links :

Well that’s all for today! See you for the next update!




“I-It’s not like I did it for you or anything!”

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(Okay, sorry for the cliche tsundere title…)

But as you may have guessed, this is our Tsundere-ish character! Her name is Rui, she’s a second year at the same highschool where our main character, Yama, goes (by the way, Yama is a third year).

And because we, at Fallen Snow Studios, adore cliche and overused archetype, her relationship with the MC will be…

A childhood friend tsundere! We’re genius, aren’t we?

H-Hey! Come back! No! Don’t quit this page yet!

…Okay, so a more original way to introduce my character you say?
Wait a minute…

*Diamonit goes looking for Rui*
Rui : Hey, what are you doing?!
Diamonit : Just introducing you. It’s the first step to becoming famous!
Rui (blushing): H-Huh? Famous? I-I don’t need this, as long as I’m with Yama, I’m fine…
Diamonit : Haha, you’re so cute! But whether you want it or not, soon, males from all around the world will be able to witness your blushing face! Looking at your sprites with an amorous look, saying “Tsundere are the best!”. Isn’t that wonderful?!
Rui : That’s gross!
Diamonit : Hum… Maybe we could use this to our advantage… Don’t you have an outfit that could show more skin Rui? We must appeal to our male readers!
Diamonit : Hey, stop it Rui! It hurts! Ouch!

Okay now, you’re happy? I even got bruises now!

Anyway, see you for the next character presentation!

Hey! Some fresh news!

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Greeting to everyone that is following our blog!
Today it’s Diamon who’s here, and I’m gonna talk about our progress so far.

So, it makes approximately one month that we started working on this project, and we’re still trying to find a good pace of work. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we did nothing! So first, about our progress :

  • The Day 1 draft of our common route is written, but still need some editing.
  • We’re now working on writing the introduction scenes for each Heroine.
  • We’re also writing Day 2 script.
  • Most of the common route plot is already decided.
  • Nearly every heroine and feminine support character have their concept art done! Our artists are discussing the coloring of the characters at the moment!
  • The engine is still on his early phase construction, but for now we have the basics of a VN engine : text scrolling, Music, Sprites, Backlog, Quick Menu. The resolution of the engine will be (1280*720). Next step will probably be Sprite movements!
  • For the music, we have some samples, but we’re still actively looking for a Composer!


I guess I should talk a bit about the content of our VN now. Temporary title will be “Lucid9”. Why “Lucid9”? Well, I can’t really tell you for now, you’ll have to play the game to discover the truth!
But what I can tell you is that our VN will have :

  • A common route in around 14 days, with at the beginning some slice of life and comedy. But after progressing in this common route, mystery will slowly takes place and the action will progressively center around our Main Character.
  • Heroines route, that will be more focused on Mystery / Drama / Romance. There will be a total of 4 Heroines route, with one different writer for each.

So that’s about it for the moment!
Remember, we’re still looking for a composer and an editor! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me with my Skype ID : Diamonit


A Wild Misaki Appeared!

Hello all! This is DragonGuardians, one of the newest writers on the team! Today, I’m posting here instead of Cleric mainly because he’s a lazy bastard! Anyways, I would like to start this off by introducing a character, Misaki Ayaka:


Thank you Dizzyworld2 for the art! Misaki Ayaka is a model in our visual novel. Her personality is cool and composed, but she’s also a childhood friend of the main character.

Production at Fallen Snow Studios has been running pretty awesome! We should have our heroines’ introduction rough drafts done by Wednesday, if Cleric isn’t lazy… Diamonit, we need your slave driver powers to get him to work! Also, we have the rough drafts of Day 1 complete! In other news, we are still in dire need of a composer, so if you’re a composer out there with nothing to do, come join us!

Challenger Approaching

A heart felt welcome to all of you, this is one again, the Cleric_in_Training here to bring you another teaser.

A Newcomer has Arrived!

(Smash Bros references ^_^)


And here we have Airi Hiraga. From afar, she may seem to be the shy type, though in reality, she’s just antisocial. She’s introverted and doesn’t like to be the subject of conversation. Surprisingly though, you may stumble upon her during her nightly walks. Just what is it, that behind that poker face?

So the writer who will be designing and writing Airi’s route will be my french friend, Diamonit. Make sure to give him a bonjour!

P.S. Still looking for a composer, contact us if you are one or know one.