A Wild Misaki Appeared!

Hello all! This is DragonGuardians, one of the newest writers on the team! Today, I’m posting here instead of Cleric mainly because he’s a lazy bastard! Anyways, I would like to start this off by introducing a character, Misaki Ayaka:


Thank you Dizzyworld2 for the art! Misaki Ayaka is a model in our visual novel. Her personality is cool and composed, but she’s also a childhood friend of the main character.

Production at Fallen Snow Studios has been running pretty awesome! We should have our heroines’ introduction rough drafts done by Wednesday, if Cleric isn’t lazy… Diamonit, we need your slave driver powers to get him to work! Also, we have the rough drafts of Day 1 complete! In other news, we are still in dire need of a composer, so if you’re a composer out there with nothing to do, come join us!


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