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Greeting to everyone that is following our blog!
Today it’s Diamon who’s here, and I’m gonna talk about our progress so far.

So, it makes approximately one month that we started working on this project, and we’re still trying to find a good pace of work. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we did nothing! So first, about our progress :

  • The Day 1 draft of our common route is written, but still need some editing.
  • We’re now working on writing the introduction scenes for each Heroine.
  • We’re also writing Day 2 script.
  • Most of the common route plot is already decided.
  • Nearly every heroine and feminine support character have their concept art done! Our artists are discussing the coloring of the characters at the moment!
  • The engine is still on his early phase construction, but for now we have the basics of a VN engine : text scrolling, Music, Sprites, Backlog, Quick Menu. The resolution of the engine will be (1280*720). Next step will probably be Sprite movements!
  • For the music, we have some samples, but we’re still actively looking for a Composer!


I guess I should talk a bit about the content of our VN now. Temporary title will be “Lucid9”. Why “Lucid9”? Well, I can’t really tell you for now, you’ll have to play the game to discover the truth!
But what I can tell you is that our VN will have :

  • A common route in around 14 days, with at the beginning some slice of life and comedy. But after progressing in this common route, mystery will slowly takes place and the action will progressively center around our Main Character.
  • Heroines route, that will be more focused on Mystery / Drama / Romance. There will be a total of 4 Heroines route, with one different writer for each.

So that’s about it for the moment!
Remember, we’re still looking for a composer and an editor! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me with my Skype ID : Diamonit



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Playing Granblue Fantasy since April 2016. Main Contributor to the Gaijin Tier list, and creator of several community guides and resources. Support me and my work : https://www.paypal.me/diamonitgaijin https://www.patreon.com/gaijintierlist

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