Update #2

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Hi everyone! Diamon’s here again to give you some news about the progress made in the project!

So far, we have nearly finished the day 2 draft (around 80%), but it still needs lot of editing! We have started to write the day 3 draft as well (we have around 50% of it for the moment).

As for the other news, we got ourselves one new writer (David), two editors (Rose and Reika) and a composer (Shoko). A big welcome for us, it’s always nice to have some fresh blood in the team!

So now, our team is pretty much complete, except for the background¬†artist (we’re still searching for one).

Everything is going smoothly, it’s a good thing! We really hope we will be able to launch a demo before the end of summer!

Also, if you wish to follow us on twitter and facebook, here are the links :

Well that’s all for today! See you for the next update!




About Diamonit

Playing Granblue Fantasy since April 2016. Main Contributor to the Gaijin Tier list, and creator of several community guides and resources. Support me and my work : https://www.paypal.me/diamonitgaijin https://www.patreon.com/gaijintierlist

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  1. It’s only until now that I realize we have a facebook and twitter.

  2. You guys still need any artists? :3

  3. We could use one more artist yeah!
    Do you want to discuss this with me on skype? ID : Diamonit


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