Bow Peasants!

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Uh, hey guys. This is the Cleric_in_Training, and I’ve got some unfortunate news. The other day, I loss my clergy license and was forced to get a new job… So now, I’ve become the butler of the ever so gracious Elizabeth Oshiro. Allow me to introduce her highness.

Elizabeth1.jpgBow before her highness, peasants!

Elizabeth Oshiro will be one of the featured heroines in the vn, written and designed by DragonGuardians. She’s a himedere of sorts, hime meaning princess. She comes from a rich family and acts as if she’s better than everyone. She deems everyone lower than herself and considers 99% of the school’s male population to be pigs. Despite this, she’s constantly found dreaming of her Prince Charming.

As always, wonderful art done by our wonderful artist, Dizzyworld2.


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