Update #3

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Hey people? How are you doing?
Time to give you news about our last progress!

First, let’s welcome some new members on the team :

  • Tim who will be in charge of editing
  • Yuuko, a versatile artist that will take care of male characters design with Wonders
  • Amanda who will draw our backgrounds

Now, how are things progressing?

– We completed our drafts up to day 4, and we are currently writing day 5 content (which is supposed to be a day rich in events!). The progress for day 5 is about 20% at the moment.

– We finally have a final design for the MC’s (Yama) art, but the drawing still needs some work before being able of posting it here!

– No progress so far for the Heroines art since our main artist is busy cramming at the moment (and we all wish her good luck for her exams!).

– One of our editor is working on a grammar/style reference sheet that editors and writers will be able to use in order to limit discrepancy. Globally, almost no complete editing has been done yet however.

– Dan proposed some ideas in order to enhance interactivity between the reader and the VN. More details once the ideas are finalized.

– We’re starting to have some BG for Lucid9. We have drafts for the classroom and Yama’s appartment for the moment.


Well; I think that’s all for the moment! See you next time, and keep following our blog posts!



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