Long Time, No News!

Hi, everyone!

So, it’s been almost a full month, and we have neglected this blog for quite a while. I apologize on the behalf of Fallen Snow Studios for the lack of news. In our defense, everything has been a bit hectic since the last post we made, so we haven’t really had much time to update the blog.



Our organization at the time was a little unsystematic as Tia and Megan had pointed out. At first, we had the Route Writers writing scenes that included their heroines. The problem was that this created inconsistencies in the writing as our many styles differed from one another. We came to the conclusion that the lead writers (Megan, Kimoto, and myself) would be writing the material on the Common Route while the Route Writers directed the scenes that involved their heroines. This way, there would only be 3 writers rather than 7 that the editors would need to worry about as they try to harmonize the writing.

After that dilemma was dealt with, we continued writing the Common Route. It’s progressing at a steady pace now thanks to Megan. She can write pretty quickly and the quality of her writing is phenomenal!

Although there is still a lot of editing to do for the other Days, we are currently writing the draft for Day 8.

Also, the Route Writers are still hard at work writing their outlines. (Myself included). However, just because we are in charge of our heroine routes, we are not alone in the creation of the outline. Once a Route Writer finishes their outline, the whole team looks it over and gives their criticisms and suggestions. I find this very helpful.


As for the art, unfortunately our last Background artist went MIA. With not much time left to find a new one, Yuuko (one of our versatile artists) is now attempting to do his first background by Sunday. He is also working on Lucid9’s phone designs with Dan. I have to say, it’s amazing how much this guy can do!

At the moment, Dizzy is busy doing the character sprites. She had given us a preview for some of Airi’s sprites and designs for the student uniforms, and boy were they amazing!

I had formed a partnership with Wonders as we worked on Masato and Ikari’s art design. Of course, she was the one drawing the outstanding art. I can’t even draw a tree without making it look like broccoli.


Concerning the music, Shoko had created two awesome tracks so far: Rui’s Theme and Akira’s Theme. And Dan had created a few for some horror ambiance – don’t listen to them at night by yourself.

However, our composers, Shoko and Mike, have been quite busy lately. So Dan and I are helping by creating some placeholders.


And in the midst of this all is Dia, as he makes sure none of us slack off.  He has a lot of responsibilities, I can’t even begin to list them here – from helping us with the plot, to assisting the artists, and lending a hand to the composers. I’m glad to work with such an amazing coordinator, even though he acts like a tsundere at times. Dia’s like the glue that keeps everyone at Fallen Snow Studios together.


It’s been about three and a half months since this project started and we are still going strong. I’m so glad to have the privilege to work with so many amazing and talented people. And for everyone who is supporting us, I appreciate it with all my heart. Even long after Lucid9 is finished; this experience will always remain with me.

Thank you so much for reading, and please look forward to future updates for Lucid9. I’ll see you in the next post. ^_^


~ David




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