Two Teasers in One Post?!

I want to say a quick happy Independence Day to us Americans! Please be wary of the dangerous of fireworks, and have an awesome day today!

So, I’m going through with my commitment to do updates twice a week, and I have brought more goods!

This is Natsuki! A character in Lucid9 drawn by our artist, Dizzy.

Natsuki is an intelligent girl that’s capable of solving simple mysteries on her own. ​She can hold a conversation very well with others, but can’t start one on her own. So she’s more of a responsive girl that’ll wish to end conversations quickly. She tends to space out quite often going into deep-thought about random things that cross her mind. In school she’s very kind though to others, and will assist others if they need help on studying. She’s quite optimistic and open-minded, which makes her very accepting to others.


And this is a track Dan had made for Lucid9’s OST!


That’s all for now. Please stay tuned for more updates. I’ll see you in the next post!


~ David


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