Challenger Approaching! Airi Hiraga!

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Hey everyone! I’m Megan, one of the lead writers for this project. I realize I’ve never introduced myself, but in my defense, I was brought on in late May, which was after all the introductions.

Personally, I have too short of an attention span to write a long introduction, so I’ll share some basic facts:

  • I’m a sophomore studying Screenwriting in college.
  • I’ve allegedly been telling stories since I could talk. (According to my parents.)
  • I’ll be turning eighteen in twenty-five days. Hooray.
  • I enjoy doing anything creative. Writing, drawing, singing, playing violin/piano/guitar (simultaneously. Just kidding), composing, motion typography, cinematography, photography… not to say I’m good at any of it.

Without further ado, here’s a brief update on this week’s progress.

You may have seen Airi before, but here is her official introduction:


graphic by Megan

In terms of other updates:

Our organization has been spruced up. This is mainly behind-the-scenes work, but it will have a great impact on the project quality. Characters, world lore, and plot have been updated and clarified.

Our team is continuing to work hard in every avenue: art, music, programming, and writing.

In addition, there are large strides in editing, which will only continue to improve the quality of plot and characters.

Thanks for supporting our project, and we’ll see you in the next update!

– Megan


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  1. Can I have Airi-chan’s phone number? ❤


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