What is Lucid9?

Lucid9 is a noncommercial visual novel by the group Fallen Snow Studios. It is the product of an international team of amateur developers, and is available free of charge under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License.


Here’s an incontrovertible, absolute truth: Fate likes to screw you over.

You see, I was a fairly average kid. Yama Ishimoto, ordinary high school student, ordinary citizen in the metropolis of Isamu. Anomalous accidents? Haphazard serial killings? It happens. No big deal.

Then, somehow, I was suddenly entangled in the midst of it all.

Let me tell you: it became a pretty big deal.

Genre: Our VN will have a common route centered around Comedy, Slice of Life, and gradually Mystery, while heroine routes will be heavily centered on Mystery, Drama and Romance.

Engine: We will use an original engine specifically built for the goals of our visual novel. It will be playable on PC and Android devices. Mac support is in development. The game will have a 1280*720 resolution.

How long will our VN be? We don’t have exact numbers in mind, but we’re currently aiming for a 5 hour long common route, and between 20 and 30 hours for the whole VN.



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