The Team

We are  Fallen Snow Studios, a group of amateurs inspired by Visual Novels, who decided to create their own Visual Novel!



They’re the bread and butter of the group. We tried to list everything they did for this project. It didn’t work out so hot, so just assume that they have a hand in everything.

  • Danpc. Project lead, programmer, composer
  • Diamonit. Project co-lead, path writer


The remarkable raconteurs, responsible for all storytelling purposes. All writers participate in developing characters, routes, and world lore.

The following lead writers are in charge of writing the common route and supervise other routes.

  • David. Lead writer, path writer
  • Megan. Lead writer, path writer

The following writers have all supplied invaluable ideas for character, world lore, and plot design, in addition to their current titles.

  • Mac. path writer
  • Hooves. Character design
  • KimotoDragoon. Character design


They are the polishers of the product, the critics on our team, and the ones who make the final pass.

  • Tim.
  • Reika.
  • Cayla.
  • Rainsismyfav. Proofreader


If writing is the base of a cake, the art is the beautiful decorations that tie everything together. And what skillful decorations they are. Comparable to Ace of Cakes.

  • Dizzyworld2. Female sprites, CGs
  • Wonders. Male sprites, CGs
  • Yuuko. GUI, graphics


  • Mike.
  • Shoko.
  • Greg.

Mascot, drawn by Wonders



Previous members who were unable to continue participation in our team, but have vitally contributed to the project.

  • Gahaha. Worldlore, setting development
  • Cleric_In_Training. Writer, character design

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