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Passion and Motivation

When has the word amateur become such a vulgar term? Some people even may be hesitant to read a visual novel simply because it’s labeled as “amateur”. However, I understand their concern. Why would you read something made by a group of people who are not professionals, and may or may not have formal training in their given fields?

But what’s the harm in reading them? Who knows, you may even come to enjoy them. I’ve read a few myself, and to be honest, some of them didn’t seem all that interesting at first glance. But then I said, “What the heck, I’ll give it a try.” and was quite impressed by what they delivered. They might have not been perfect, but really, what is?

These people had the passion and motivation to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through their work, and as a result made me see the world in a different light. Even if their audience may not be very sizable, if they managed to positively affect the life of one single person, I believe they had accomplished what they wanted.

For those of you who are supporting us, we are very thankful. And for those who are new to our project and are contemplating whether you should read Lucid9 when it is complete, I ask you to please stop and think, “What’s the harm in reading it?”

We are not only doing this project for ourselves, but for everyone. And I’d like to share some of the hard work our team has been doing lately.



Recently, another awesome composer had decided to help us. We would like to welcome the very talented Greg! He will mainly be taking care of the emotional OST. Here is a track he had done the other day.

You can also listen to his other works here: https://soundcloud.com/mrlizts

We are progressing nicely music-wise. A handful of tracks have already been completed (Including one of mine. ^^) and others are being worked on.



Our artist Dizzy had also provided us with some more art! Here is one she had done of Airi.

Airi Hiraga (Final Version) 


The art is still progressing. There have been a few new sprites of the characters from Dizzy, Wonders is currently sketching the male characters, and Yuuko is doing some GUI designs.



Concerning the writing, there have been lots of revisions to the story. I think all of the heroines – but one – had to be reworked in some way or another. And their routes have also been a bit of a challenge to plan. But as the saying goes, “If it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

Regardless of the difficulties, we’ve been doing rather well. We heavily collaborate with each other and help one another when needed, which is key to success.


That’s all I have to say for the moment. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you in the next update for Lucid9.


~ David




Deliberations, Conclusions, and Some Awesome Art Mixed In

So it appears I’m a bit late on this update. Sorry about that. ^^’ I’ve been so engrossed in the team’s discussion about Lucid’s plot, that I lost track. My thoughts are still a bit jumbled at the moment, so if I’m writing gibberish, you’ll know why.

So about the discussion I mentioned, a few days ago we had come up with a new concept that would take effect after the common route. This meant that our original idea had to be revised. Truth be told, some of the writers were a bit hesitant to adopt this revision, but after some deliberations, we came to the conclusion that this would be for the best. Although, this means we have to work extra hard on patching some plot holes that might pop up.

Egh… plot holes… one of the writer’s worst enemies.

Anyway, I really wish I can share more details about this discussion, but alas, I can not give out spoilers.


But what I can share with you, is this. Here is a sketch of Elizabeth. I’m sure you might have seen her before. She was one of the characters we introduced in one of our earlier posts. Our artist Dizzy had done some touch ups on her look. I find her adorable.

…Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go punch a hole in my wall to regain my manliness.




Well, I’m back. My hand is bleeding somewhat, but I’ll live.

While we are still on topic about the art, I hate to sound like a broken record here, but we are still in need of a background artist. If you are interested or knows someone who may be, please feel free to leave us a message. We would certainly appreciate the help.


Now, these next few days might be a bit hectic for us writers as we try to further develop this new idea. There might be a lot of hmms and ahhs; a lot of what ifs and maybes; there might be a lot of debates and resolutions, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.


~ David


Long Time, No News!

Hi, everyone!

So, it’s been almost a full month, and we have neglected this blog for quite a while. I apologize on the behalf of Fallen Snow Studios for the lack of news. In our defense, everything has been a bit hectic since the last post we made, so we haven’t really had much time to update the blog.



Our organization at the time was a little unsystematic as Tia and Megan had pointed out. At first, we had the Route Writers writing scenes that included their heroines. The problem was that this created inconsistencies in the writing as our many styles differed from one another. We came to the conclusion that the lead writers (Megan, Kimoto, and myself) would be writing the material on the Common Route while the Route Writers directed the scenes that involved their heroines. This way, there would only be 3 writers rather than 7 that the editors would need to worry about as they try to harmonize the writing.

After that dilemma was dealt with, we continued writing the Common Route. It’s progressing at a steady pace now thanks to Megan. She can write pretty quickly and the quality of her writing is phenomenal!

Although there is still a lot of editing to do for the other Days, we are currently writing the draft for Day 8.

Also, the Route Writers are still hard at work writing their outlines. (Myself included). However, just because we are in charge of our heroine routes, we are not alone in the creation of the outline. Once a Route Writer finishes their outline, the whole team looks it over and gives their criticisms and suggestions. I find this very helpful.


As for the art, unfortunately our last Background artist went MIA. With not much time left to find a new one, Yuuko (one of our versatile artists) is now attempting to do his first background by Sunday. He is also working on Lucid9’s phone designs with Dan. I have to say, it’s amazing how much this guy can do!

At the moment, Dizzy is busy doing the character sprites. She had given us a preview for some of Airi’s sprites and designs for the student uniforms, and boy were they amazing!

I had formed a partnership with Wonders as we worked on Masato and Ikari’s art design. Of course, she was the one drawing the outstanding art. I can’t even draw a tree without making it look like broccoli.


Concerning the music, Shoko had created two awesome tracks so far: Rui’s Theme and Akira’s Theme. And Dan had created a few for some horror ambiance – don’t listen to them at night by yourself.

However, our composers, Shoko and Mike, have been quite busy lately. So Dan and I are helping by creating some placeholders.


And in the midst of this all is Dia, as he makes sure none of us slack off.  He has a lot of responsibilities, I can’t even begin to list them here – from helping us with the plot, to assisting the artists, and lending a hand to the composers. I’m glad to work with such an amazing coordinator, even though he acts like a tsundere at times. Dia’s like the glue that keeps everyone at Fallen Snow Studios together.


It’s been about three and a half months since this project started and we are still going strong. I’m so glad to have the privilege to work with so many amazing and talented people. And for everyone who is supporting us, I appreciate it with all my heart. Even long after Lucid9 is finished; this experience will always remain with me.

Thank you so much for reading, and please look forward to future updates for Lucid9. I’ll see you in the next post. ^_^


~ David



Synopsis, Art, and a phone!

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Hello, guys! How are you all doing? First, I want to apologize for the lack of news during these past two weeks. A lot of our members were swamped with exams, but most of them just began to work again now that they’re free! But still, we were not completely inactive for the past few days. To make it up to you, let me present some new content you might not have seen yet!


ss (2014-05-24 at 11.44.15)

Do you recognize Akira? One of our perky heroines that we introduced on our previous post? Well, here is a more final version of her with shading, linearts and coloring! Cute, isn’t she?

– Also, I believe it is time we share with you the synopsis of our story :

“Yama Ishimoto is enjoying his last year of high school with his longtime friend, Rui Haward, an energetic and somewhat serious young girl who sometimes finds it difficult to express her true feelings. Recently joined by the burly Masato Kurogane and the moronic Yahiko Ikari, this dynamic group of friends breeze through school, their life filled with hilarious antics and hijinks.

Contrasting their joyous lifestyle, an inexplicable series of murders in the city begins acquiring greater attention as the body count steadily rises. At first, Yama chooses to simply ignore these morbid incidents, but the unpredictability of fate, or rather an eccentric freelance detective, forces him at the forefront of the murder investigation.

What will Yama uncover . . . ? “

– Finally, a few posts back, I mentioned that we would have features in Lucid9’s engine, and I guess it’s time to reveal them.

You will be able to use your phone during the story (Receive calls, SMS, listen to music, read the news feed…), a bit like in Steins;Gate. The use of this phone would be optional, and only features extra stuff. You will have the choice to disable it if you do not wish to be bothered by it.


The phone’s design isn’t final, and will be revised. I’d also like to point out that you can see one of the backgrounds we’re working on at the moment in this picture! And who might this strange girl be, calling, Shigure…?

And last but not least, I’m glad to announce that an amazing composer decided to join and work with us! We are really excited to have so many talented people interested in joining our team! 

Well, that’s all for today! I want to thank all the people showing their support! It’s really encouraging, and we’ll do all that we can in order to release a Visual Novel you’ll all hopefully enjoy playing!




Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves!

Hello, everyone!

Some of you may be curious on who we are at Fallen Snow Studios. Well, some of us decided to write short introductions to share with you all! ^_^

On another note, I will try to help write some of the blog updates, so expect more updates for Lucid9 soon!


David Acosta

Okay, this is my short introduction!

Hello, everyone! My name is David, and I’m one of the lead writers and route writers for Lucid9.

I’m the type of person who takes interest in mostly anything. Some of my main interests, however, is writing, (pretty obvious) reading, music, and art.

I’ve been writing since I was younger, around the age of 9 I believe, and plan on Majoring English in college. I also play the piano and plan on taking a college course for music as well.

One of my set goals in life is inspiring others to do the things they love. I believe everyone can achieve anything as long as they have the passion to do it.



K, I’ll play along

My name is Hooves, and I’m…. A proofreader for Lucid9!
I’m the picky type of person when it comes to interests. I’m a former author that used to write stories, but quit due to personal events. I’m mostly just a gamer who started at the age of 7 when dial-up was still a thing.

One of my life goals: To see where my life’s journey ends.



Ciao everyone!

I’m Yuuko, an artist for Lucid9! I’m an aspiring artist and I specialise in a range of different art and design styles, a jack of all trades of sorts. In this project I will be responsible for the design of the male characters, CG and other works.

I love to explore new things and my main interests of interest are anything art related! My work primarily involves anime & manga drawing, anthropomorphism and cartooning & caricature. I have been drawing on my graphics tablet for 5 months and I have studied a course at CDW Studios. My future goals include graduating high school successfully, enrolling in university and getting some random art degree. From there on out, I wish to become a graphic designer and partake in freelance work.

My Life goals are nothing too cliché: I want to travel, own 3 cats and become a cat.


Hey guys! My name is Cleric_in_Training, though I also go by Your_Local_Milkman. For the most part, I’m a path writer, but sometimes I do a little editing and lead writing.

My biggest joys in life come from thought provoking themes and Team Fortress 2.

Ironic story about myself is that when I was young, I always wanted to grow up to be a writer. But when I actually learned how to write well, I learned that I could probably never be a writer.

My life goals are to publish a book and own a boat.



Hi everyone,my name is Daniel i am the founder of Fallen Snow Studios,and the Project Lead, one of the composers, the engine programmer and designer for Project:Lucid9.

What i enjoy the most besides listening to music, is to play games with great stories that can’t be experienced in other mediums.

My life goal is to make video games that people enjoy and if possible that leaves a mark in video gaming history even if only a minor one.



Hi, I’m Diamonit, and I’m the co-leader of this project, as well as path writer! I’m Airi’s creator, and I’m the one who will write her route. I also supervise the establishment of the whole plot and the writers as well.

My job as a co-leader is too make sure the project progresses, and that everyone respects the deadlines (I’ve earned the title of “Slave driver” thanks to this), and I make sure that communication goes well within the team.

I like gaming and reading good stories, and I think I have a good imagination, but my main passion is music, singing especially. I’m also studying math at university atm.

As for my life goal… Having a blackboard. All mathematicians dream of having their own blackboard at home! And also having a goat. Don’t ask me why.



I am Sean, though I go by Kimoto online. I am the lead writer of this project, though that is more split with another member since I tend to be fairly busy due to real life circumstances.

I am responsible for a lot of the writing, though it’s really split between many writers so it’s more like I’m charged with my part and overseeing the others. I usually throw out ideas. I am also responsible for the creation and writing of the involved Side Character, Shigure Enomoto. Kinda funny I was the only person to think of a Detective.

I like playing games and reading stories, but my preferred things to do are write stories, role play, listen to music, and beat the ever loving crap out of people who intentionally try to piss me off thus completely deserve it as I take deep satisfaction in hurting them. I am also easily found on MMO’s but I won’t give out the name.



I am known as Dark Flame Master! BANISHMENT THIS WORLD!
… Just kidding. I am actually DragonGuardians, but more known as Mac. I am a route writer for this project.

My responsibilities in this project is to write the route for Elizabeth Oshiro, who is a Himedere, or for those who don’t know what that means, a princess type character. She’s quite like a tsundere… but fancy.

More about myself, I’m still in highschool and I am involved in sports, so I don’t have a lot of free time. However, I dedicate this free time to anime and this project. I like to read manga and visual novels as well.

Writing a route isn’t as easy as I first thought it would be. It has taken more time and dedication then I had planned, yet I haven’t regretted joining this project once. The people in this project are so lively and fun to be around (plus their reactions are hilarious when I show them weird videos!) and… I just love working here. I hope I can continue to be friends with everyone in this little family even after this is finished. Anyway, Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life!


Timothy Trinh

Hey guys, I don’t have any fancy names or anything. Just call me Tim. I’m also from Texas, which is why you might see me type “y’all” from time to time.

My main responsibility is to edit whatever route needs editing. But for the time being, I’m currently creating a grammar/style guide that will hopefully help all of the writers and editors become better writers.

A bit more about me, currently I’m at an undisclosed university trying to obtain a degree in accounting, while also studying for medical school. In my free time I like to play video games, watch netflix, hang out with friends, you know “the college experience”. On a more personal level, I like writing and currently I have a number of novels planned out and ready to finish writing. So far I’ve finished about 1/4 of my first novel, hopefully I won’t quit before I finish.

I decided to join this group in order to boost my grammar and style skills while also having the chance to apply the many years of advanced english courses I had to take in high school. I didn’t know what to expect as my first experience with a visual novel group wasn’t the best. But I know for a fact that you guys are AWESOME, and I look forward to finishing this project with y’all.



Okay, so my name is Gahaha. Well, you know what? Fuck it. Call me Mark. Sorry for my rude way of speaking. I was initially going to be the main route writer for Misaki Ayaka, however, I’m taking a leave of absence do to some issues. Now, I will be pretty much a co-writer/adviser. Also, please treat Misaki kindly. She needs it.

That being said, I also came up with the ideas for many, if not, all locations in this game’s world. I hope whoever ends up seeing this game, or follows this group, ends up loving the city of Isamu as much as I had fun creating interesting locations for this world.

Other then that, I’m a gamer, and the old man of this group. lol. I idolize Rance, well, parts of him; hence my name. If you don’t know who that is, or if your someone religious, it’s better if you didn’t.



~ David